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Who needs an Energy Performance Certificate EPC?
After the 30th June 2008 any home previously lived in will require an Energy Performance Certificate EPC when offer sale.

When is the Energy Performance Certificate EPC needed?
When the first potential buyer or tenant is introduced to a property after it has been placed on the market, legally the EPC should be available for them to view.

Who is responsible for obtaining the EPC?
The owner of the property is responsible for the Energy Performance Certificate and they must ensure that it is available. The estate agent is encouraged to make sure that all properties on there books comply with the legislation, and solicitors are legally bound to ensure that an EPC is available for a property before completion of a sale.

How long will the Energy Performance Certificate EPC last?
The Energy Performance Certificate is valid for five years after it has been issued.

What is a DEA and what qualifications do they have?
The assessor who actually carries out the survey of your property is called a DEA short for Domestic Energy Assessor. EPC Belfast Co's Domestic Energy Assessors have achieved there qualifications through HipCert, there are the training and software providers. HipCert are one of a number of ABBE government approved companies, certified to regulate the production of Energy Performance Certificates. All our Domestic Energy Assessors carry their qualification badge and certificate with them and would be happy to show this on arrival at your property.

Is the Energy Performance Certificate EPC only for legal purposes?
No, the document is a very useful source of information for any home owner even if they do not intend to sell or rent out there property. The document highlights areas with in the home where energy saving measures can be taken and with heating bills escalating continually at the moment this is essential reading.

Is there room for improvement?
Yes, when we asses your home the engineer will highlight any areas where major improvements can be made to you in person and then document additional areas where improvement is possible. If you carry out these works and want to have your home re-assessed, we will happily do so at half price.

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