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What is an On-Construction Energy Performance Certificate?

EPC BELFAST NI now offers On-Construction Energy Performance Certificates or On-Construction EPC or OCEPC. We are independent EPC contractors and pride ourselves by working directly with architects and developers. The ethos of our site has always been ‘value for money’ and ‘reliable and efficient service’. By using this web site as our shop front we are able to pass on sizeable discounts while still maintaining the highest of standards.
Since 30 September 2008, Energy Performance Certificates are required for all newly constructed buildings. On Construction EPC is required for the sale of new build homes. The On Construction EPC provides the prospective owner with detailed information relating to the energy characteristics of the building. The conveyancing process cannot be completed without a valid Energy Performance Certificate in place.
On Construction EPC's (ONEPC) are based around the current building control regulations. Contained within the On Construction EPC  (ONEPC) is a rainbow graph showing the energy rating and comparing it to a typical new building rating. The graph ranges from ‘A to G’. ‘A’ rated buildings are the most energy efficient. Also provided is a recommendation report, detailing areas where the energy characteristics of the building can be improved.
The On Construction EPC  (OCEPC) if marketed correctly could be a great selling tool for developers and estate agents. The On construction EPC compares the building rating to a typical new build and also compares it to typical building in Northern Ireland. The On-Construction EPC (OCEPC) will have a much higher rating than the typical building in Northern Ireland. This could be used to show how much of an energy saving a new build would be to the typical building.

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What is the procedure for obtaining an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate?

The following information is required to produce an On – Construction EPC

  • Full set of Architects drawings (Site Plan, House Plans, Elevations)
  • Air Pressure Test (for each house type)
  • Boiler Type and heating controls specification

From the information above an On Construction EPC  (OCEPC) can be calculated.
On Construction Energy Performance Certificates can only be produced by an On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor. OCDEA are required to undertake rigorous training, join an accreditation scheme before they can produce Energy Performance Certificates. All our assessors are fully insured.
All completed ONEPC are stored in the National Register. Each new building is provided with its own Unique Reference Number and can only be uploaded to the National Register by a ONDEA through their accreditation scheme.   On Construction

on construction pricing

We are happy to provide the As Design SAP assessment and ON Construction EPC for the following price structure:

For single new build dwellings £150 however for multiple housing developments the price is from £75 per property.

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